Links & Resources

Here are some links and other resources that you may find interesting and/or useful.

Please note that Kim is currently the Chair of ACPAT but we have no other vested interests in any of what follows:


  • VetPhysioLife Podcasts:

    Conversations between Kim Sheader (Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in Veterinary Physiotherapy) and Shailen Jasani (Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Specialist). VetPhysioLife charts Kim’s daily activities. We find out about the cases she sees and the treatments she provides. Includes a lot of useful information and tips for both pet (dog, cat) carers and veterinary colleagues.

    Click here to listen and subscribe.

  • Physiotherapy in the Critical In-Patient podcast episode:

    In this podcast episode Kim discusses the role of physiotherapy in the critical in-patient with host Shailen Jasani DACVECC, Veterinary ECC Small Talk. Find out more about Veterinary ECC Small Talk and subscribe to the podcasts here.