What people say about us

“Alfie is my 10 yr old border collie cross. He has led a typical border collie life and has always been very active! In the last year we started to notice signs of him slowing down a bit and becoming stiff in the hind legs especially when he was getting up after he had been sleeping. The vet diagnosed him with the start of arthritis in his hind legs and he recommended that we start some physiotherapy to help his mobility.

We were recommended to Kaye Hilsdon by several people (including the vet who referred us). I can’t tell you the difference that she has made to Alfie. She has been working with him to help manage his arthritis, working on muscle tightness and stiffness of joints throughout the body, as a result of the arthritis in his joints. Alfie loves Kaye and loves his treatment and always seems so much more comfortable afterwards.

Alfie enjoying the outdoors!

Kaye is extremely dedicated and professional yet exceptionally kind and caring. She always gives me fantastic advice on what is happening with Alfie and what I should and shouldn’t do with Alfie in between our sessions, and a little bit of homework after each session has seen Alfie improve from strength to strength. I can’t recommend Kaye highly enough and in fact I have already recommended her to several people!”

Kate Brooker and Alfie

“It is no exaggeration to say that, without Kim, I don’t think Chloe, my 14 year old Cocker Spaniel would be walking around today. Kim has been helping Chloe, since a major operation last year on a slipped disc and subsequent pneumonia.

She was having terrible trouble moving around after surgery and was coughing non-stop. Kim has worked on her mobility and general well-being, so that she has regained the ability to walk perfectly and is even back to jumping on the furniture. (mixed blessing😀)

Last, but by no means least, Kim has been a real support to me through some very tough times and is calm and patient enough to cope with a neurotic, determined dog as well as a slightly neurotic human.” (Claire)

Claire Ladsky and Chloe

“We recently started using Kim as a physiotherapist for patients at our busy London clinic. Kim has been wonderful to deal with and all the feedback from our clients has been excellent.img-20170208-wa0000

Here is a picture of Kim doing some physiotherapy on a very elderly arthritic patient with severe acute Idiopathic Vestibular syndrome (a disorder that affects balance and causes neurological signs). This was an unusual and imaginative case in which to use physiotherapy.

After the patient had been discharged Kim visited the patient at home to continue her care. Our clients were delighted and the patient is doing great!” (Rachael, London-based veterinary surgeon)

Praise from colleagues

“Jerry-Lee is my very very active dog, he’s mongrel mix, but predominantly German Shepherd and terrier, he only has two speeds… sleep and crazy! And two attitudes – sleep and crazy! Unfortunately he bashed into a wooden tree support out galloping, it seemed it damaged his cruciate ligament, so had a rectifying surgery, and I was given Kim’s number to discuss physio. (more…)

Jerry-Lee Jones

“Zilah is now able to be a proper spaniel thanks to Kim and her physio skills.ZIlah

Zilah has been having Kim work her magic for the last 2 years after having bilateral elbow surgery for elbow dysplasia.

We can’t recommend Kim enough, she is brilliant with Zilah and I would recommend anyone who wants the best physio for their pet to go and see her.”

Amy Adkins and Zilah

“We have a Maine Coon cat called Gus”

“Now Gus is not your average cat as he weighs over 20lb so is a bit of a clumsy beast. One morning we awoke to find him barely able to walk and in obvious pain so off we rush to our vet and after various proddings and scans it was discovered he had damaged his spine “probably falling while trying to sleep in our little cat’s bed which at the time hung from the top of a door”.

Unfortunately for us the problem was made worse due to the fact that Gus was allergic to the normal Anti Inflammatory drugs so we had to start down a different path; luckily for us our Vet is a practicing Veterinary Acupuncturist and the results were almost instantaneous. Within in a few days he was pain free and walking fairly normally much to our relief. After a few weeks of this treatment he was almost back to normal “just a little stiffness in his walk” and this is when we were recommended Kim for the next phase as our vet felt physiotherapy would be beneficial for Gus – this is when Kim came bounding into our lives.


The gorgeous Gus! What a great photo x

First of all her knowledge base and enthusiasm are vast and she managed to explain things to us in a very informative and simple way to put us at ease. Kim and Gus have built themselves a love-love relationship. Kim loves Gus; Gus loves to hide when he hears her car pull in, but after a few minutes in her capable hands he really relaxes and takes it all in his stride and the results have been amazing.

With her care and focus on his wellbeing he is back to his clumsy self and a great bond has developed between them over the last three years. He still has regular visits every 3/6 months as a preventative and top up measure.

On a personal note our journey with Kim has been one built on trust, friendship and her professional approach but most of all her kindness and love towards our boy Gus.”

Steve/Ali Allan and Gus

“I have an English Bull Terrier who by the age of 13 months had developed chronic joint problems in both hind legs resulting in multiple surgeries; by the age of 3 years he had become very arthritic and lame. I approached Kim after she was recommended to me by my vet as they thought physiotherapy would be beneficial for Frankie. The initial consultation with Kim was very frankie-sitting-on-hindquartersinformative and I was impressed with her straight away.

Kim has a natural way with dogs and Frankie was relaxed in her presence. Kim taught me exercises I could do at home with Frankie in between her physiotherapy sessions with him and also worked out an exercise plan to follow to ease his lameness. Frankie’s right hind hock had collapsed at 6 months of age and Kim recommended that I get a custom made prosthetic cast so he could walk without pain and it would also help in the natural fusing process, she put me in touch with the company and we went ahead; the result was very positive and he could walk even run without pain in that joint.

Frankie has since had further surgery and Kim’s dedication to her work helped Frankie regain the use of his leg to a level I didn’t think possible as after 3 major knee surgeries no-one was expecting him to be able to walk properly again. He is running now.

Kim has been treating Frankie now for nearly 4 years adapting his treatment/exercise as necessary and they have developed a great bond. Her approach and delivery to each session is outstanding as she is always focused on giving Frankie the best treatment she can.

Our journey with Kim has been a lifesaver; Frankie enjoys his walks now and is enjoying life with very little discomfort. I would and have recommended Kim to friends whose dogs or cats have joint problems as I know they will get a great service.”


Frankie chilling out – it’s a hard life! x

Katherine McGrath and Frankie


My husband and I can not recommend Kim highly enough. What she has done for our dog Kev over the past year has been remarkable.

Kev is not your average pet dog, he is a wild dog from the deserts of Iraq, rescued by my husband. Having been run over by an armoured vehicle, Kev sustained serious injuries to his back end, requiring major surgery to one leg, as well as a full hip replacement.

Kim was responsible for Kev’s rehabilitation. She showed no fear or apprehension in working so closely with a dog of kevs background, In fact the complete opposite, she instantly made a bond with him and genuinely loved him, and he likewise it seemed.kim-and-kev-1

Her knowledge and expertise is mind-blowing, and I myself learnt so much regarding animal health, anatomy and rehabilitation during Kev’s sessions.

[Kim has] genuine and real interest, care and love for the animals she treats, and kindness towards the owners.

We wouldn’t be where we are now with Kev without Kim that’s for sure!”

Vicki Musson and Kev