VetPhysioLife Episode 31

January 5, 2018 4:59 pm

Happy New Year! This is our first episode back after the break and we start by discussing what Kim has found as she revisits some of her regular patients. There will be many more updates next week which is going to be a hectic one for Kim!

Kim also tells us about a new patient. A 12-year-old Weimaraner who has a very slow-growing mass behind one of his knees. This is preventing proper drainage of blood from below the knee causing swelling (lymphoedema). Kim tells us about her assessment and treatment plan. This is an unusual condition in veterinary patients but apparently, there are physiotherapists who specialise in the treatment of lymphoedema in people!

We end by talking about how physiotherapy is a discipline that is very focused on tailoring treatment to individual patients through the use of clinical reasoning.

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