VetPhysioLife Episode 29

December 15, 2017 5:50 pm

In this episode, we get an update on one of Kim’s patients who we discussed in the last episode. He was unwell and had been admitted for treatment at his practice. He ended up being referred to a specialist centre but thankfully is on the mend and back home now.

Kim tells about a new patient, an older Yorkshire Terrier. He has had ‘slipped’ kneecaps (luxating patellae) for a long time. This seems to have caused problems in his back which Kim has started to treat.

This dog gets very anxious, especially when parted from his carer. We discuss how the presence of strangers and environment (e.g. vet practice vs. home) can affect patient behaviour – and even findings such as blood pressure.

We end the episode by discussing the role of physiotherapy in treating patients with luxating patellae. Physiotherapy has a place in dogs being managed without surgery, in preparing dogs for surgery, and in rehabilitating dogs after surgery.

Look out for the next episode which is dedicated to lumbosacral disease.

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