What Fun We Had!

July 4, 2017 4:57 pm

And so my Spring season roadshow of talks came to a close mid-May with two talks in one week! Regular followers of this blog will know that, over the past few months, I have been working with the many great training and agility clubs in the local area to deliver my veterinary physiotherapy and rehabilitation talks. So it was with great pleasure that I started my week at Bizzy Rascals Dog Agility Group in Husborne Crawley, and ended my week at Diamond Dogz Agility Club in Honeyburge.


A fabulous group, armed with some brilliant questions, attended the Bizzy Rascals talk on Wednesday 9th May. As well as great questions, there were lots of good anecdotes about the wonderful dogs that this group care for! It is still the best part of my talks in my opinion – hearing all about your furry friends, and what they get up to! We discussed some great canine characters that evening – it was a shame they couldn’t come along for the talk themselves, as it would have been great to have met them all!

Me in full flow!

During the course of the evening, we started to talk about how best to manage canine injuries and long-standing ailments, and specifically the use of heat and/or cold to treat such complaints. As there were so many questions on this topic, we are going to publish a blog post dedicated solely to this subject soon. Make sure you check back so that you do not miss it!

Thank you to a brilliant audience for bringing lots of energy, stories and enthusiasm. As well as great conversation, lots of laughs, and many cups of tea, we also raised some money for Medical Detection Dogs as everyone who attended made a donation to this brilliant charity.

Another great audience.

Only a few short days later, it was then onto a training day organised by Diamond Dogz Agility Club where I gave a talk specifically on warm up and cool down stretches (all with the agility dog in mind).

The day dawned bright and clear which was extremely lucky as we were to be working outside in the training space! I arrived with a few minutes to spare, and was very fortunate to see the training in action with some very impressive training runs being completed. I also got to meet some very lovely dogs who all wanted to come over and say hello! The dogs were then allowed some rest time whilst we discussed the importance of warm up and cool down exercises and stretches.

Not a rain cloud in sight – thank goodness!

In the hour or so that we had for the talk, we managed to cover lots of topics including why it is so important for your dog to warm up and cool down, how best to get their muscles nice and warm, the benefit of strong core stability and also some examples of some dynamic stretches which are great for really stretching out the front legs as well as the back legs. Luckily for this, I had some very glamourous assistants to help me!

Being ably assisted!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to my talk. It was great to meet you and also your fantastic furry friends! Thanks for all of your questions – I thoroughly enjoyed all of our discussions.

What fun we have had over the past few months and so whilst the Spring roadshow may be behind us, plans are already underway for the Summer/Autumn events. Remember that we are always looking to spread the word, so if you are involved with a dog training or agility club and would like to know more about booking a talk or workshop with us, please drop me a line at kim@theralph.vet.

We also have a private Facebook group (The Ralph Physio and Rehabilitation Community). Please do send us a request to join the group where we discuss all things veterinary physiotherapy related – we would love to have you join us.

Thanks as always for reading,

“Great presentation, lots of useful info. Really pleased I came”

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