Jerry-Lee Jones

December 2, 2016 6:17 pm

“Jerry-Lee is my very very active dog, he’s mongrel mix, but predominantly German Shepherd and terrier, he only has two speeds… sleep and crazy! And two attitudes – sleep and crazy! Unfortunately he bashed into a wooden tree support out galloping, it seemed it damaged his cruciate ligament, so had a rectifying surgery, and I was given Kim’s number to discuss physio. I was highly sceptical at first because my dog is a guard dog, and does not get on with anyone at all, and is highly stressed and upset if strangers come near him. I honestly couldn’t figure out how this could work, but Kim wasn’t deterred in the slightest and explained in intricate details, how to move and manipulate the leg, and exact exercises, along with repetition amounts, in a bespoke plan for Jerry-Lee. Via visits with just us ‘the human family’, and phone calls – this was a refreshing and delightful proactive approach and placed no stress on our dog. He mended and healed so well, he was off out cycling and galloping again, in under a year from the cruciate ligament operation, it was so great and unbelievable. Then alas at 8 and a half he galloped over some rough terrain and damaged his other back leg, his meniscus and cruciate had been severely damaged and he had his meniscus removed, oh boy.



But our vet remained optimistic he would cycle again, and I headed straight to Kim for advice, and with email capabilities I was able to send updates and again be provided a comprehensive bespoke rehabilitation programme for Jerry-Lee, without the stress and anxiety of a physical meeting with my dog. My dog thankfully loved me ‘mummy’ doing his daily physio, and he’s already cycling again! It’s taken longer to build muscle back on this leg, maybe that’s due to the severity of the injury, combined with age, but my dog is a dynamo spirited lad, and he doesn’t give up, he will be 9 next month 💛 I am entirely grateful to our vet and Kim, with her dynamic approach, adaptable techniques, help, advice and bespoke exercises. It’s kept my boy flexible, active, and raring to get on with life. Thanks Kim 😆”

To read more about how Kim helped to treat Jerry-Lee please see Jerry-Lee, The Dog I Never Met.

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